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Indestructable Chew Toy

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Indestructable Chew Toy


I’ve found a virtually indestructible dog chew toy and challenge you to have your dog try to chew through this! They even guarantee it. Their guarantee reads “If your dog chews through the outside wear layer of any GoughNuts Ring or Stick, Green, Black, Yellow or Orange, to expose the indication layer, Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy.”
So these Goughnuts come in three different strengths, Green, Yellow, and Orange have a strength of 3200psi, Black is 3600 and Black 50 is 4000 psi. Of course the stronger the toy the more expensive but remember that if your dog chews through they give you a new one.

There is one more great feature here. All of these colours have an inner red layer. So if your dog does make some great progress and you can see a red rubber core this means to take the toy away from your dog and replace it. This two layer design is a guarantee that your dog will not chew apart the toy and risk ingesting it.

I would recommend the black for tough chewers but all are replacement guaranteed.

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