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Online Puppy Training Course

Whether you are getting a new puppy who will need training, or already have an older dog and want to understand how to train it properly, you're in the right place!

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About the Course

Our program is designed by a breeder with over 40 years of dog ownership experience. This includes breeding and training puppies professionally and incorporates feedback from clients taking their new puppies home over the years.

Imagine if you adopted a child, and believed you could find a good one who you wouldn't have to train, teach manners, or the rules of society and how to behave. It probably wouldn't work out to well, would it?

It's the same for dogs and puppies. You can't expect them to behave, relieve themselves outside, not run away, not chew the furniture and follow your rules unless you train them! makes it easy. 

  • Our puppy training program is not like any others! We don't just show you things that work - we show you things that don't work, too! You'll see the trainers struggle, get constantly jumped on and you will learn how to deal with it. Mistakes are left in, and your attention is brought to them when they occur, so you can see that normal people who are not perfect can also make excellent puppy trainers. Yes, this means you!
    - Our Team

Online Dog Training Course |

Why choose this course?

  • It's easy for anyone (recommended age 12+)
  • Based on positive reinforcement puppy training
  • We dispel puppy training myths
  • It's more convenient than puppy training classes
  • You can begin learning now before your puppy comes home
  • Gives you time to prepare your family and your home
  • Get printable socialization and potty training checklists
  • We're recommended by breeders for our high success
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How It Works

Getting started with is easy. Simply follow the steps below. 

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What's Included

Get access to our puppy training video series and exclusive puppy training resources.

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