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I've put together a few of the comments received by clients after they had time to review the Puppy Training video and article pages. I have two puppy training videos I'm working on and expect them to be ready by the end of February. One trains you how to interrupt your puppy when your puppy is doing something you don't want them to do, or an alternative to saying "No!" The other puppy video will focus on how to mold and shape the kind of puppy you want by training your puppy and reinforcing behaviours you want and training undesirable behaviours out. Puppies beg, jump up, act out, sit pretty, bow down, play bite or mouth because they are allowed to and sometimes even encouraged to. There is an easy fix I'm going to show you in the next videos.

Here are some of the comments:

"For someone who really cares about their dog, and wants to get it right, this is an amazing Puppy Training Website Comments Thumbs Uppartner. It's an owner-trainer. It helps them understand how a dog operates, and explains WHY you should train them a certain way."

"This is a valuable resource to all breeders who want positive experiences for the pups they sell"

"Invaluable resource to first time puppy owners, but still has lots of great information and reminders for those who have raised and trained their pups in the past."

"It will still make an experienced owner a better trainer for their new pup."

"There is a lot of information, so some may get overwhelmed with how much info is on the site, but I'd say if they take it in "kibble sized" chunks of reading, they won't get overwhelmed."

"No one would know that "one guy" put all that content together. Lots of info."

"What was good is that the video shows someone who isn't necessarily a pro trainer and may not be doing it right."

I think one of the hardest things will be to keep the puppy training information to a beginner level! Good problems to have! Train, don't complain.

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