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Chew Chew Essential Add-On With FREE Pk. of TREATS!

My puppy is chewing everything, nipping, biting, and won't stop putting everything in their mouth! 

We know that a few toys are not enough for a new puppy going through the learning/mouthing stage. Toy-type rotation is important for keeping your dog interested in their toys and not your shoes, arms, and ankles. Young puppies need all of the different types of toys  so they can shake, wipe, chew, carry and fetch. If you have only one of each of these type of toys and your puppy gets bored with that toy then you are stuck. At the point of becoming disinterested with a toy you need to remove that toy and substitute a new toy of the same type of play to keep your puppy interested in the toy and not your slippers. 

This Chew Chew Essential Add-On pack has a variety of high quality, non toxic, made in the USA different types of toys your pup will need to keep them busy. Two of the toys are also puzzle toys that you use to intensify the drive for your puppy to play by placing a treat into the toy and letting them work to get them out. Simply put, this toy pack is a must to have on the shelf for you to rotate your puppy's toys in order to focus them on biting what is appropriate through the mouthing and teething stages. This pack also comes with a FREE CHICKEN AND BEEF LIVER (an $8.49 value) treat to use with the puzzle toys 

Pack Includes One of Each:

  1. One Hurley Small 6" for chewing or fetch
  2. One Tizzi treat puzzle toy to keep motivation to play high (Tizzi is for puppies and small dogs and not for aggressive chewers)
  3. One Knotted rope toy to aid teething
  4. One Rumpus Medium for heavy chewers
  5. One Big Sky Wolf  9.5" to shake, wipe, and carry
  6. One FREE package of Chicken and Beef Liver high reward treats!

All West Paw toys are covered under the Love it Guarantee!




Please Note: Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Shipping to the United States is an extra $9.99. If you are purchasing the Old Dawg Treats, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See Terms of use for returning unused packages. If you are purchasing the Puppy Trained Right program, because this is an online training program, there are no refunds for purchasing the training program. If purchasing a West Paw toy covered by their Love it replacement Guarantee, please visit their website for further guarantee information. We accept returns on unused items in new condition for any reason up to 30 days after shipping. Items must be unused and in original packaging. You are responsible for shipping the item back to us. Email us for a return authorization. We do not ship Mendota Leashes to the USA.

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