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Suitable for medium to large breed dogs.

Our Deer Antlers are all natural and harder than moose antlers. They're healthier than a nylon bone or rawhide, and they're %100 Canadian. These premium quality Deer Antlers are without additives, preservatives, and processing, to make sure your dog has a safe, healthy treat! We source them from a Canadian family who has trained their dogs to search through the woods for naturally shed antlers on the forest floor and bring them home. The odd antler will even have a few chew marks in it where the poochie took a minute to sample the find he made!

While they should last a long time for even a heavy chewer, we recommend supervision while your dog is chewing on one of these and if the antler becomes too small it needs to be taken away and discarded. These are not for puppies before they have their adult teeth. Antlers are also not recommended for seniors with loose teeth.

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