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Dog Collar Flower

A hand made plaid collar flower for your puppy or poochie! This is a hand cut and sewn collar flower by Zeeke Dawg. This ships within Canada for free in a regular envelope. If you choose this method you are assuming the risk of Canada Post losing it. We can combine two in an envelope for you still at no shipping cost. More than two will require a second envelope or you can choose to purchase an upgraded shipping method with a tracking number and we can fit 5 or 6 into an Express Post envelope. Appx 4" in diameter.
Collar flowers are for those girls who want to make a statement without all that makeup!

Ships FREE with a purchase over $58 or an Old Dawg Dog treat 6 pack. 



Please Note: 

If you are purchasing the Old Dawg Treats, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See Terms of use for returning unused packages. If you are purchasing the Puppy Trained Right program, because this is an online training program, there are no refunds for purchasing the training program.

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